Parsons School of Design

BFA Communication Design

Thesis 2017

Gabriela Carnabuci
Left Right
Gabriela Carnabuci
Left Right

Trust is what lets a democracy function. Only 6% of people say they have a great deal of confidence in the press—this is about the same level of trust Americans have in Congress. For decades, the media has played a vital role as the information source in our daily lives. Lately, though, the nation is growing increasingly skeptical of the news industry. A wider political polarization from the recent presidential election, combined with the emergence of the “fake news” phenomenon, has created an even greater rift in the country’s collective consciousness.

In the past, with limited news sources—such as newspapers, and a handful of network news programs—there was a comfortable assumption, and even confidence, that the news we were receiving was factual, and delivered from trustworthy sources. Today, with such different angles and biases added to a news item has greatly decreased confidence, and even compelled the recipient to determine what is real, and what is fake, according to their own biases.

Left Right pulls the top political headline in real-time from 4 news outlets—a far left, a moderate left, a moderate right, and a far right. From here, every conversation surrounding these top articles are pulled from Reddit. Through this, the visitor will not only be able to see the difference in tone from one news source to the next, but will also see how the country is responding.

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