Parsons School of Design

BFA Communication Design

Thesis 2013

Maketa Mabane
Vulcan: Alaska Edition
Maketa Mabane
Vulcan: Alaska Edition

My thesis Vulcan, is a series of printed media used to educate people about volcanoes in America. America isn’t typically thought of as having numerous volcanoes. By educating my audience about volcanology, they will gain a better understanding of the types of volcanoes that are in America, the dangers they pose, the people who live near them, as well as how the volcanoes work. I have engaged in an ongoing dialog with volcanologists and geologists to better understand what they perceive the needs to be in educating a population about volcanoes and the potential harm that they can cause people and society. Some of the overarching questions that I am focusing on are: As an expert, what is it that you desire to come to fruition from this project, and projects like it? What are your current thoughts on websites/articles/ journals that focus on volcanoes? What would you change? What is missing from the education about volcanoes? Where do you see room for improvement? These questions have helped me shaped the way in which I think about my topic. I am using the information that I have received from these volcanologists as well information from to curate engaging information for my readers about volcanoes and how it relates to their lives. Vulcan is a beautiful printed matter designed to educate and create a sense of awe about volcanoes. Vulcan will educate in a way that doesn’t overwhelm the reader yet still maintains the integrity of the material at hand.




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