Parsons School of Design

BFA Communication Design

Thesis 2013

Xing Hai Piao
Stop the War
Xing Hai Piao
Stop the War

When I think of war I think of my grandfather, who lost his parents during the Japanese War. My grandfather told me that the Japanese army, starting in June 1937, attacked China over and over again attempting to occupy the country. The Chinese resisted the Japanese army for eight years, suffering great losses, including the atrocities of Nan Jing. My grandfather’s stories and the movie, ‘The Flowers of War,’ have inspired my Thesis work. Stop The War is an information graphic that analyzes the fatalities of the Iraqi war, while revealing the actual costs of this prolonged violent occupation. For some, war can be a very lucrative proposition, creating wealth and incentive for perpetuating these confl icts. Stop The War aims to raise awareness and help prevent the profi teering driven by wars that actually come at great expense to our society.




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