Parsons School of Design

BFA Communication Design

Thesis 2013

Lesley Sakinah Steele
Daddy’s Girl: A Documentary Film
Lesley Sakinah Steele
Daddy’s Girl: A Documentary Film

Daddy’s Girl is a documentary fi lm about my father Lester Steele, who passed away when I was one and a half. When he was dying in the hospital, he knew his chance of living to see me grow into the woman I am today was slim. So he used a tape recorder in the last months of his life to record his voice and the messages he wanted me to hear when I was old enough and ready to listen. Two years ago right before I turned 18, I realized it was time I heard his voice as I missed and needed my father in my life. I made a short documentary using the audio footage he left for me and decided to continue researching and exploring this project for my thesis fi lm. I am creating this fi lm about my father because there is a part of me that needs to fulfill his legacy and tell the story that has so much do with who I am today as a woman, artist, daughter and so much more. Graduating from college is a chapter in my life I wish my father were able to experience with me. In making this fi lm I hope it will inspire others in the world to appreciate their family and loved ones, making the most out of their experiences and time. I hope it will encourage new relationships between fathers and daughters.





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