Parsons School of Design

BFA Communication Design

Thesis 2013

Silao AJ Afano
Hirsute Pursuit Silao AJ
Silao AJ Afano
Hirsute Pursuit Silao AJ

Silao Afano was born in Seattle Washington but also lived in Honolulu, Hawaii & American Samoa in the South Pacific. His extensive work experience encompasses painting and illustration and is influenced by his Samoan Heritage, his fantasies, and his dreams. His work also includes ceramics, graphic design, and performing arts (as a dancer) in the Latin & ballroom world. Silao is best known for his most recent works of art that can be seen in Instigator Magazine, and also for his work as a Creative Consultant creating and overseeing branding and jacket art for Cold Spring Records, UK. Silao’s work has changed over the four years of living in New York City. As he discovered his sexual orientation he now uses Gay Eroticism as his primary inspiration. His senior thesis project is a Graphic Novel that illustrates his adventure through the underground world of the New York Gay Leather S&M scene. He brings the reader of his novel into a world that is rarely seen, entitled ‘Hirsute Pursuit.’ It tells the story of two friends who explore the painful pleasures of sex and the consequences that come with it.

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