Parsons School of Design

BFA Communication Design

Thesis 2013

Beril Esin
Cryptographic Communications
Beril Esin
Cryptographic Communications

Cryptographic Communications is a three-part graphic design project that makes visible the underlying geometry of daily life. In unveiling this geometry, it suggests a new form of communication. The first part of the project is a mobile application named Vision. Vision combines edge-recognition technology with mobile photography, turning ordinary iPhone photographs into geometric renderings. The users can take a photo of a place, an item, or anything, and put it through Vision. Then they can share the geometric renderings they have created through the app, and establish a secret language amongst themselves. In short, Vision creates a symbol-based system for its users, and leaves little to no room for words. Vision doesn’t arbitrarily put photographs into the vast web of networks; instead, it strives to creates myths and meanings around the abstract symbols that are created and shared with it. The second part of the project consists of a booklet that contains photography, art and writing that further speaks about the presence of geometry in the world. It is a compilation of artifacts that have inspired the creation of vision. The third part consists of posters that iterate on the branding of vision. It’s an attempt at experimenting with and expanding the visual identity of the app. While these components can be observed separately, it is recommended that they are put under consideration simultaneously for full comprehension.

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