Parsons School of Design

BFA Communication Design

Thesis 2013

Paulina Ho
Lettering Life
Paulina Ho
Lettering Life

Lettering Life is a blog of simple type illustrations based on my personal every day. For a long time, I’ve drawn and wrote words in my sketchbook as an outlet. I wanted to create a blog where these drawings would go and in the spring, it turned into my thesis. For each update, I pick out a highlight from that day and begin to experiment with wording and lettering styles. Every letter is hand-drawn, whether in a sketchbook or computer, to keep the blog exclusive to lettering. Once drawn, each piece is touched up digitally for cleaner letterforms and spacing issues. They are given appropriate finishes as a last design step. Some work for animation and are turned into gifs. Each piece is matched up with a short written snippet and finally gets posted onto the blog.





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