Parsons School of Design

BFA Communication Design

Thesis 2013

Ermioni Giakou
Athens In & Out
Ermioni Giakou
Athens In & Out

Athens In & Out is an online platform that provides a medium for young artists and designers in Athens to share their work and collaborate with each other. Tired of world news showing an Athens suffering from austerity measures, the site aims to show the world how the current economic crisis has influenced young Athenians to project their feelings and hopes through innovative projects. It is in times of crises that people come together and do greatness. Athens has been a city of great inspiration and progress since way too long ago, and we hope that it will remain so. Athens In & Out wants to give a chance to young artists and designers to promote their ideas by showcasing their work, to share their feelings and dreams through innovative projects. Its mission is to unify young Athenians and make them act and react in a creative and inspirational way. In the future, Athens In & Out will organize events and exhibitions in order for people to come together and share ideas about how to improve the image of the city.

Carina Giacomelli
Maggie's Garden
Isabel Castillo Guijarro