Parsons School of Design

BFA Communication Design

Thesis 2013

Carlos De León
A Perfect Life
Carlos De León
A Perfect Life

Is in the best interest of consumers to sort out the nature of any information received from the media and filter it. ‘Who’s behind it?’, ‘Who benefits from it?’, ‘What’s the purpose of it?’ are questions that would help the consumer understand where the message is coming from and practice criticalthinking. As receivers we should always question and doubt anything we come in contact with. A Perfect Lie presents a series of images that have had their original content changed in a significant yet subtle way. To the viewer’s eye this modification may not even be noticeable. These manipulated images live in an online news publication, ‘The Truth Watcher’, that takes on past economic, social, political and cultural topics. The articles featured are real but the images that illustrate them are manipulated. This creates a contrast between what is read and what is seen. It is when the images are open at full size that the original content is revealed. With this, A Perfect Lie expects to make a call to awareness and highlight the importance of critical thinking towards any information we might get from the media.

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