Parsons School of Design

BFA Communication Design

Thesis 2013

Sofia Falcon
Let's Hang Out & Talk About Feminism
Sofia Falcon
Let's Hang Out & Talk About Feminism

Using conversation as a catalyst, this project explores feminism as a personal identity and a broader cultural ideology. It also addresses the stig- matization of constructed feminist identity and the term itself. By presenting environments of honest, open, and non-academic conversations among friends, this project explores how creating such conversations can demystify feminism. It intimately captures the kind of dialogue and discourse that a specific group of young people is engaging in. It does not attempt to speak in definiteness or propose a feminist manifesto; it confirms that no social movement is monolithic and disagreement within respectful discourse is necessary for progress. Each of the six conversations is contained within a book. The conversations are linked to each other by common themes, which are used as a navigational tool and a way to view the conversations as part of something bigger. By creating spaces for conversation within communities of people we can begin to destigmatize feminism and critically address societal constructs surround identity, broadly, and feminism, specifically.

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