Parsons School of Design

BFA Communication Design

Thesis 2013

Jeongkyun Ahn
In My Bathroom
Jeongkyun Ahn
In My Bathroom

I always think that one of the roles of a designer is finding something ordinary and make new meaning from it. I wanted to make a project about a place that people don’t like to talk about. Then I realized that the bathroom is a topic that people don’t want to talk because it is considered a private space. Most people are anxious to let other people look at their bathrooms because they are seen as very private or even forbidden places to others. However many people don’t realize that bathrooms have a lot of personality. Since a bathroom is treated as a private place, people can be totally honest about themselves which can be a reason why they don’t want to open it up to others. In this project, I opened my bathroom to people to make them think about differences and similarities. I made a bathroom diary with all my activities in my bathroom and made infographics of them. Through that visualization of my bathroom behavior, I want people to think about how important a bathroom is to them and what it means to them.





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