Parsons School of Design

BFA Communication Design

Thesis 2013

Sabina Telagis
Sex Opposite
Sabina Telagis
Sex Opposite

‘To discover the world you have known since childhood is not the only world is probably the most important discovery in a person’s life because it is to discover the possibility of not one but many alternatives. It is to discover the possibility of choice.’ —Susan Sherman We are the generation of ‘rejection,’ we live the era of most crucial discoveries that reveals failing system and beliefs. Technologies overcame our brain capacities. Beliefs we carried out for centuries are falling apart. Clearly, everything that humans built in their minds: boundaries, sets of rules, Gods we worship, systems of education are not working. We are heading in the wrong direction and our understanding of existence is very primitive, no matter how advanced we think we are. But as a new generation who rejects the system of education, who explores new horizons, who is searching for the God who will bring an equality to the whole humanity, we must wake up and start acting. gender issues is one of the first steps to reconsider roles and understand what a human of any gender is capable of achieving. We must remove the veil of ignorance of inequality between man and woman. We must increase our level of productivity by giving access to our choices without boundaries, without dividing by colors, but by giving a complete freedom to natural processes to reveal the true and full capacity of the human organism.

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