Parsons School of Design

BFA Communication Design

Thesis 2013

Iee Deun Eden Chung
Recipe Totes
Iee Deun Eden Chung
Recipe Totes

Recipe Totes are environmental friendly canvas tote bags that celebrate recipes from beginning to end. Each ingredient is listed and illustrated, and the recipes are written on the back. They are illustrated and designed to make cooking at home easier and more approachable. You will know exactly what to pick up at the grocery store with this bag. Tote bags are becoming ubiquitous now because of the resurgence of the environmental movement and also with the graphic design boom and lowered screen-printing costs. Since plastic bags end up as litter that harms the environment, you should consider giving these eco-friendly bags a try. Reusable bags, or eco bags encourage the use of a better option bag. The materials used for these canvas bags do not harm the environment during production and they do not need to be thrown away after use




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