Parsons School of Design

BFA Communication Design

Thesis 2013

Nick Abreu
Nick Abreu

Revrb is an iPhone application that builds a chronological networkof mobile user uploaded videos. It examines how our current generation views, interprets and documents live music. Over a period of time, the constant aggregation of online information can overwhelm instead of organize. This app attempts to reverse this trend. Revrb will serve as both a live music resource and a social network. As time goes on, the user, artists, and venues will accumulate a navigable archive of personal and peer-uploaded videos. These videos will represent how a user’s music interest and experience has changed throughout time. Each video upload will prompt the user with a series of categories that later serve as filters: artist, song title, location, time and username. This organization will allow users to follow and record the chronological performances as they unfold. There is much to be learned from the constant, reflexive behavior of how a user appropriates what information is relevant to them.

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