Parsons School of Design

BFA Communication Design

Thesis 2013

Robyn Silev
Robyn Silev

In a society that is so misinformed by the media about the realities of adoption, my thesis,, aims to dispel all the myths with subjective education, or learning through the experiences of others. Because it has become such a taboo topic in our culture, it has also become awkward to ask about adoption. Curious people not belonging to the adoption community can get first hand experience information from this project. The website designed is for all members of the adoption community to upload their personal stories and experiences with adoption (adoptees, birth parents, siblings, adoptive parents) on topics ranging from reunion fantasies to meeting your adopted child for the first time to the struggles after giving up an infant for adoption – the full scope of experience. I hope this site can start a discussion about the realities of adoption among people outside of those in the adoption community. My other goal is for people without any knowledge about the subject to get information that isn’t just statistical, but personal. It will help people considering adopting a child or giving up an unplanned infant. People will be able to use others’ experiences with adoption educationally to make up their minds on the path they want to take on their own journeys.





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