Parsons School of Design

BFA Communication Design

Thesis 2013

Caitlin Clingman
Stress Dream
Caitlin Clingman
Stress Dream

My thesis is an exploration of anxieties. At the start of my process, I began making two-dimensional pieces about anxiety. My next step in this project lead to making animated GIFs. I used motion as way to evoke anxiety through short clips. Within each animation, I explore ideas of loneliness, claustrophobia, panic attacks, nervous vomiting, paranoia, social anxiety, and more. Each GIF on its own is meant to illustrate a scene of stress, fear, or anxiety. When they are placed side by side in a long animated piece, it creates a narrative and conceptually connects certain GIFs to eachother. The final deliverable for this project is a website called Stress Dream. In this site, each GIF is housed on a separate HTML page. The title of the GIF is placed within the URL of the website. I chose the name Stress Dream because of the references to surreal, dream-like imagery throughout.

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