Parsons School of Design

BFA Communication Design

Thesis 2013

Naomi Sundberg
Hazel’s Story
Naomi Sundberg
Hazel’s Story

Hazel is a contemporary lingerie brand that promotes women’s free expression. The lingerie is made to be perfect for relaxing at home, but does not look out of place if worn on the streets. Innerwear is presented fashionably as outwear. This allows women to wear inner wear seamlessly, and makes a bra unnecessary. The brand is a beacon for young women who strive to find their place in society. Hazel supports the individual’s inner beauty by encouraging girls to be comfortable expressing themselves. It is an innovated solution to who we are and how we live as women in this modern world. The brand tells its story in both physical and digital interfaces. This includes a range of print solutions such as the packaging and a book manual, as well as an online store and the pop up retail space. The brand reveals itself as the consumers experience the brand through these platforms over time.





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