Parsons School of Design

BFA Communication Design

Thesis 2013

Jonathan Abbo
Build the World
Jonathan Abbo
Build the World

I am a disillusioned constant optimist that believes in human decency. Reality, being a designed adventure of chaos, must be reimagined from its current static state, to a nurturing and ever adventurous journey for the development of humanity as a whole. The greatest line I was ever told was ‘it’s a holy act to use a spiritually tainted object and elevated for a holy purpose.’ With this motto leading my design, I will attempt to take stagnantideas and transform them into tools of benevolence. My project has been a journey to find the cause of apathy, and then a further exploration into the tools that cause it. I am designing a social media gaming system that provides a fun way to translate player interaction into real world change. I am not saying that games are the cause of apathy, but they uncover a world of addicting distraction that delays and hampers education. In physics, work is the amount of energy spent over a period of time. If we examine the large amount of energy spent playing games and compare it to the little work done in the real world, we get an unbalanced equation. Why? Time, or more accurately, time wasted. This time wasted results in no work. This is concerning because life is finite, and any time wasted is life wasted. So, by creating this gaming system I am hoping to turn a little more time wasted into work done.

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