Parsons School of Design

BFA Communication Design

Thesis 2013

Caroline Mathews
Caroline Mathews

Amalgam (n.) — A combination of diverse elements; a mixture. My thesis, Amalgam, explores the concept of collage. I am interested in the effects and new meanings that can result from taking things apart and putting them back together in unexpected ways. Amalgam explores collage not only as an aesthetic, but also as a practical and useful tool. My approach is the creation of an online outfit generator where one can upload photos of clothing from their own wardrobe, as well as photos of prints, patterns, landscapes, or just about anything. The site then creates a database of the items uploaded and is then able to create different outfits/collages using these pieces. By automating and randomizing the process of choosing an outfit to wear, a new outlook on one’s own wardrobe, and the clothing combinations possible, can be achieved.

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