Parsons School of Design

BFA Communication Design

Thesis 2013

Kristie DeLouise
PEN: Professional Exchange Network
Kristie DeLouise
PEN: Professional Exchange Network

The Professional Exchange Network (PEN) allows you to exchange time and skills for non-monetary rewards and stipends. No longer will the pressures of financial stability be the only driver of productivity. People of different skill sets and working styles are able to engage in positive interactions to make the world a more friendly, innovative and connected place. An exchange of knowledge and involvement in an enjoyable project are what individuals and organizations gain while building an online community. The goals of PEN are achieved through the development of a new online database of work opportunities and skilled people who can be matched to one another. The match will be deter- mined on specific personality types that work best together, qualifications and level of skills thatapply to the opportunity. It is essentially an interface that removes the middle step of a hardcore search of possible candidates and possible work opportunities. The simplification of this process will be welcomed by both parties allowing them to engage in conversation, communicate their goals and needs and embark on their exchange as soon as they would like.

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