Parsons School of Design
BFA Communication Design
Thesis 2013

Persistence of Nostalgia
Saiq'a S. Chowdhury

Saiq’a Chowdhury is a Bangladeshi Visual Designer who grew up with a passion for the fine arts, stories, film and animation. She enjoys the use of narrative and narrative systems as a force for expression and challenge. Having lived in three different countries (Bangladesh, Thailand and the US), she is sensi- tive to the fast changing world and its dynamics. Saiq’a lived in Thailand for two years and studied Visual Communications before transferring to Parsons to study Design and Technology. As an illustrator and fine artist, her primary tools of work were first words and pictures and how they blend together. She has grown to work with graphic design, animation, short films, and designed objects that tell stories; she is also the author of a graphic novel called Repercussions of Sin (a work-in-progress). She has worked as photographer-reporter back in Bangladesh, and produces freelance illustration and design assignments whenever time permits. She has worked and interned in companies in Bangladesh and abroad, including Sesame Workshop. Saiq’a enjoys toying around with new art forms that bring to life the myriad landscapes in her mind. She is constantly researching to find unique ways to reach people by using the emotive techniques delivered by well-crafted story structures. The BFADT program helped her discover technologies, nostalgic and futuristic, to create fresh perspectives towards the many interesting attributes of life. She is currently exploring the realm of Media Arche- ology connected to film and animation, which is the key inspiration of her Thesis Project called Persistence of Nostalgia.

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