Parsons School of Design

BFA Communication Design

Thesis 2013

Giselle Nari Wynn
Aoi Tsuki Lunar Sagas
Giselle Nari Wynn
Aoi Tsuki Lunar Sagas

My biggest dream has always been to create stories and illustrate them to invoke different emotions and responses from my audience and someday have a TV media piece for them. For the past couple of years I have been writing a book to get published. In order to do this I have to complete the writing of the story and have a query and chapter synopsis along with my copyright over everything I need. For my thesis project I have decided to cover all the foundational aspects of design for the novel with the hope of self-publishing and getting it out in the public’s eye. For thesis I will be designing the book cover, several posters, and the layout of the book. The layout design will be completed for the first two chapters to get a feel how the rest of the book will look. Each chapter will include illustrated chapter openings which allude to what is coming in the story, one to two illustrated pages or spreads, which I believe to be important moments in the story, and an extra decoration for the border to signify the narration over the story. I wish for this book to have a slight illustrative quality to it to like a graphic novel but at the same time have the feel and be taken as a classic novel. I will also be writing up the query and synopsis for publishing along with designing what I wish my publishing logo to look like and be called.





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