Parsons School of Design

BFA Communication Design

Thesis 2013

Joelle Riffle
Joelle Riffle

Clio is a toolkit to teach teenagers design for social change. Designed to be integrated into existing art, design, or social studies curricula or as a standalone project, the kit guides the learner through a series of hands-on activities, lessons, and projects. Learners delve into design topics such as typography and prototyping as well as social issues, like sustainability and poverty. The project was inspired by my interest in the intersection of design and education. Through this work, I hope to show that design is not just an industry for professionals to distribute content but rather a tool for learning and expression of what has been learned. I researched extensively into alternative schooling methods and pedagogies, existing models of art and design education, and recent innovations around teaching and learning. This research has informed the structure of my project, lending it legitimacy and context. The intention for the project is that this project will develop into something that can be first tested in a pilot program in local schools and organizations, then implemented locally, regionally, and even nationally. For this to happen, I need various kinds of resources. To elevate this project from a design student project to an implementable concept, I would need to consult with a professional curriculum designer, who would help me to evolve my content. I would need a platform on which to test the project, and therefore willing participants with time and energy. Finally, I would need funding to produce multiples of the kit itself.

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