Parsons School of Design
BFA Communication Design
Thesis 2024

Longcan (Hugo) Chao

Fire, an elemental force that has inspired and terrified humanity throughout history, stands at the crossroads of creation and destruction. This project delves into the dual nature of fire, exploring its profound impact on human civilization through a physical book and a digital interactive project. The book celebrates fire as a catalyst for human greatness, while the digital component challenges this narrative by portraying fire as a relentless force that consumes without discrimination.

The physical book delves into the intricate tapestry of human relationships with fire across the ages. From the ancient rituals of kindling flames to the Industrial Revolution's fiery furnaces, fire has been a constant companion in our journey toward progress and enlightenment. The book praises fire as the spark that ignites innovation, fosters community, and shapes the very essence of human civilization.

In stark contrast, the digital interaction component of this project reveals a darker side of fire's influence. Here, fire is portrayed as a merciless force, showing how its misuse and exploitation can lead to devastation and chaos.

Depending on how humanity harnesses it, fire can bestow honor or bring about death. Throughout history, civilizations that revered fire as a symbol of life flourished, while those who neglected its power faced ruin and despair. This project aims to provoke reflection on our relationship with fire and the profound impact it continues to have on our lives.

As we navigate the intricate dance between creation and destruction, honor and death, this project calls on us to reevaluate our connection with fire and strive for a harmonious coexistence with this elemental force that has shaped our past, present, and future.

Sera Aksoy

Faye Arranz

Shravani Bagawde

Han Bao

Iryna Baran

Zein Bdeir

Victoria Beyrard

Anna Blyumenkrants

Tatiana Boccone

Megan Brill

Andrea Chang

Longcan (Hugo) Chao

Jolene Chen

Yu Tung Chen

Yuntong Chen

Loki Chow

Hong Jet Chua

Erin May Cochanco

Janet Delavan

Gayoung Do

Fang Dong

Julia Du

Manan Dua

Colin Elmer

Millie Faber

Siyao Fang

Noah Farjani

Hina Fernstrom

Leslie Fonseca

Sarahi Garcia

Amanda Guo

Charlotte Hailstone

Jieun Han

Mary Hatcher

Elliana Hau

William Hsu

Olivia Hu

Grace Huang

Jung Hwangbo

Krishika Jain

Yoo-Jin Jang

Janice Ji

Wenjie Ji

Eneya Joshua

Yung Ching (Aurora) Juang

Maya Kalinowski

Jasmine Kan

Nabeeha Khalid

Palakh Khetrapal

Jessie Kil

Hope Kim

Hye Yoon Kim

Jenny JaeMin Kim

Lindsay Kim

Aarya Kini

Claudia Kok

Vidhi Kontham

Themis Kung

Hoi Man Kwok

Katherine Lam

Camille Le Bars

Haylee Lee

Minjae Lee

Stacey Lee

Chenxiao Li

Vivian Liu

Sarah Ma

Rosie Mai

Kamryn McKenna

Haley Moore

Graeme Mounsey

Syrus Mow

Viviann Nguyen

ChloƩ Nini

Smitee Oberoi

Talita Ozkok

Surya Pande

Shruti Pathak

Kelly Peng

Aayushi Pitta

Zoey Poole

Kiara Putrilia

Anjali Raju

Rand Rivera

Virajini Sanghai

Sofia Santana Arrezola

Noor Selim

Anna Sham

Lakeisha Esthetique Sharonina

Carly Shelton

Mengqi Shen

Vanessa Shimon

Alex Vinicius Silva

Arjun Sivaprakasam Thamilarasan

Hajin Son

Yi Song

Alexander Soukakos

Aarya Srikumar

Hannah Suh

Yuka Tamura

Cynthia Huiwen Tan

Sidhya Tikku

Raquel Trevino

Sophie Tsang

Gianna Waldron

Haotian Wang

Yi Wang

Yichen Wang

Yingjie Wang

Victoria Winter

Sage Won

Sora Wong

Shiyao Wu

Tong Wu

Qian Xiang

Faith Xue

Tong Yu

Helen Zhang

Jinyi Zhang

Yixiao Zhao

Yufan Zhao

Haiyu Zhou

Yining Zhou

Feiya Zuo