Parsons School of Design

BFA Communication Design

Thesis 2016

Kripa Sial
Taste of Home
Kripa Sial
Taste of Home

“Home has less to do with a piece of soil than a piece of your soul.” Who are you? What defines you? Is it your religion, your beliefs or your nationality? For my thesis I want to focus on the identity crisis of third culture kids (TCKs). I want to address the issue of how TCKs are confused about where their home is. The most difficult question they face is “Where are you from?” TCKs have grown up outside of their parents’ culture, maybe in many different countries resulting in an identity crisis as to where they belong. In this globalizing economy TCKs are over 220 million and growing 
at the rate of 25% annually so it’s critical to 
help them understand their identity. Home isn’t a place; it’s a feeling of comfort. To address this issue I created a home care kit for people who are currently living in countries other than places they have lived in the past that they considered home. A home care kit bridges the gap between where you live and where you have lived. When people are homesick they want specific items that remind them of home. My homecare kit is called “Taste of Home” an outlet that provides items from various countries. Comfort food from home can go a long way in restoring the mind, body and soul. A package filled with simple items that will warm the heart, this comfort care package has a delicious taste of home.

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