Parsons School of Design

BFA Communication Design

Thesis 2016

Joel Tschong
Re-Imagining Landscapes
Joel Tschong
Re-Imagining Landscapes

This project deals with creating imaginary landscapes using original photographs, colors, composition, and photomontages. After weeks of taking photographs, these photos were selected and given a new perspective by cultivating them through application of different design techniques. Each artwork took time to enhance the photographs’ best qualities for visual enhancement through layering, cropping, and masking, which leas to a complete composition. I chose to use landscapes as a unifying subject because we are constantly moving and going to places. This is obviously an important factor also when I am 
taking photographs around the city, town, 
and country. Historically, landscapes were used as a theme in many art movements, which we may admire for the artist’s depiction of the subject. Color and composition became the most factor for me, since these two elements inspire me to continue to play until I reached a finished work. I’ve always wished to create spatial distinction techniques so that it’s 
not simply a photograph of a space. For the works with space left over after the photomontage, the last embellishments were the colored shapes, that gave the composition life rather than simply filling in the void. In the end, this project nurtured both my hobby and design skills 
to an intertwined feat, which was my pleasure 
to showcase.





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