Parsons School of Design

BFA Communication Design

Thesis 2016

Katie Minchak
Genius, Disturbed, Both, or Neither
Katie Minchak
Genius, Disturbed, Both, or Neither

Genius, Disturbed, Both, or Neither challenges the relationship between authorship, anonymity, identity, and the ways in which persona is crafted through the internet. 
The story is framed through a cultural lens 
by following one active and anonymous author 
on Craigslist that fits 
the archetype of a 
tortured artist.

The chosen user, DannyMcDelta, writes in a turbulent stream of consciousness. Genius, Disturbed, Both, or Neither takes place in the small town of Crystal, Minnesota. Informative graphs and journal entries are used to introduce DannyMcDelta’s situation, relationships, and way of life. As the book progresses, and DannyMcDelta becomes less lucid, graphic devices such as typography and layout structure lose control. Readers become immersed in the psyche of an anonymous person. The final product exists as part character study and essay in which identity, the private and the public, and knowledge and the unknown are juxtaposed. The purpose as the author and designer is to find the intersection of persona and reality. Through investigative research, Genius, Disturbed, Both, or Neither explores what happens when content that begins online is taken out of context 
and brought into the physical world.






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