Parsons School of Design

BFA Communication Design

Thesis 2016

Minji Sung
Small Things
Minji Sung
Small Things

Our time is precious. We can’t go back to the moments that we did not appreciate. The times that we use effortlessly or unproductively do not stay in our minds for too long, but the moments that we truly enjoy tend to stay in our minds for a longer period. We are able to recall the memories that we appreciated easily at any time because we put meanings in them. Small Things is the subscription service that encourages us to live our life with all senses, and appraise even the shortest moments. Subscribers will receive a package with inspiring books, exhibition recommendations, recipes, postcards, and film tickets on a monthly basis. To make the experience more personalized, Small Things offers different options within the categories: books from independent publishers or major publishing companies, movies produced independently or from major studios, exhibitions run by small galleries or renowned museums, 
recipes catered to everyone including vegan 
and vegetarian, and postcards of inspiring photographs, illustrations, and artworks.

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