Parsons School of Design
BFA Communication Design
Thesis 2016

Parsons School of Design
BFA Communication Design
Thesis 2016

File Not Found
Selwa Abd

File not found is a research project that investigates the long-term reliability and stability of our digital networks. As technology is changing at a faster pace than ever the compatibility between the container to store information and the connecting systems is continuously at stake. As a consequence, we feel that our digital existence is only temporary. File not found looks at the ephemerality of the url and investigates experimental ways to materialize it in our analog environment. The first approach of a series of events is a sound performance that “infects” the human habitat through the sonification of malicious URLs. Virtual content is exploited ‘in real life’, contained in one space, sound and the audience merge into one sonic event. Banned from the Internet, the malicious urls are bouncing randomly against the walls of the space. They are no longer dead in the immaterial matter called the cloud, but as they regenerate themselves they become part of reality, they embrace the audience while creating in them a sense of total confusion.The performance is documented in a collection of printed books which are independent of digital archiving technology. Each book uses the page as surface for infection; the urls find back their materiality through a process of infection.

Selwa Abd

Ashley Seung Hyun Ahn

Natasha Alia

Aviva Atri

Marissa Baca

Miles Barretto

Lili Marie Bravi

Olivia Brodbar

Carla Campos-Rodriguez

Jiaying Cao

Robert Capaldo

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Purwa Chauhan

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Linette Cheong

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Sung Ji Choi

Brittany Cutrone

Arianna De Gasperis

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Rubina Melati Diran

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Dilan Emre

Douglas Escalante

Joshua Estrella

Joe Louis Evans

Marius Franc

Ceilidh Fraser

Gaby Garuz

Jiayi Ge

Stella Giavos

Meher Goel

Em Grey

Alyssa Gruber

Yu Bean Han

Cherish Hsiaohui Ho

Jasmine Hong

Jay Hsiao

Irene Hwang

Louise Pei Foong Hyde

Sanghyun Ji

Sharon (Eun Rae) Kim

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Sharon Kim

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Supisara Ngaovithunvong

Gabriela Nisenbaum

Inyegumena Nosegbe

Zoe Oleshansky

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Pamela Pombo

Lisa Sakai Quinley

Josephine Rahadi

Sarah Rose Reichert

Ana Julia Rodriguez

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Taylor Russo

Ariella Saragossi

Nengneng Shen

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Nicholas Tanzman

Ana Cecilia Thompson Motta

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