Parsons School of Design

BFA Communication Design

Thesis 2016

Ariella Saragossi
He Radio, He News
Ariella Saragossi
He Radio, He News

He Radio, He News is a platform for Jewish women to express their opinions regarding feminism and the women’s role within Judaism. Initially, I interviewed young Jewish women from New York City about their positions on those topics. As I advanced my thesis, I decided to interview women from different countries, who are older, with different life experiences. I collected the interviews and created a newspaper called “היאNews” (“HeNews”) to transcribe and document their interviews, along with placing their personal photos that illustrate their life. “היא” in hebrew is read as “He,” but is translated to “She,” which references my thesis topic of women within Judaism. The newspaper is symbolic to the “Jewish Daily Forward” and other Jewish newspapers that were published as the flow of Jews entered into the United States. In addition, the primary colors I used were blue and white, as a reference to the Israeli flag. Lastly, I upload all the interviews on a website and created a podcast called “היאRadio” (“HeRadio”). I developed the website with the same design motifs as the newspaper allowing the viewer to see the constancy among the two platforms.

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