Parsons School of Design

BFA Communication Design

Thesis 2016

Kevin Wen
Written Reflections
Kevin Wen
Written Reflections

Written Reflections is a growing online archive of interviews and articles about record keeping. Whether it is notes or journals or drawings, every mark is a record of our presence. Even if we forget the details, each artifact still encapsulates a place, a time and a mindset. In trying to analyze what we have created, we can come closer to understanding who we are. This archive lets us take a deeper look at how writing gives insight to people’s identity and growth. When we write, we give words a medium and a permanence that thoughts do not have. The interviews range from people that journal often to those who don’t journal at all. Everybody has a different relationship with writing and it is expressed in how personal or how detached his or her words are. As for the articles, it is a culmination of text that expands on different forms of record keeping and its affects on people.

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