Parsons School of Design

BFA Communication Design

Thesis 2016

Sharon Kim
Found Unknown
Sharon Kim
Found Unknown

This series is the result of a personal endeavor to seek, discover, learn, and react. This is the product of a strongly rooted belief that I am able to learn about myself through discovering all the things that occur in my surroundings—near or far—in family, or within myself. These books are loosely grouped into two categories: environmental related topics (climate change and its effects, and the consequences of water pollution), and my personal Korean heritage (separated families of North and South Korea as a result of the Korean War, and a more sensitive topic of my grandmother’s brother, who went missing during the Korean War).

In my pursuit of transparency, this is an honest product of the things I have learned in eight short months in the form of what I will call a “visual archive.” The outcome surpasses the meaning and context of just merely completing Thesis I and II; it is a catalyst and eye-opener to all the things that I was ignorant and thus indifferent to. This will be an ongoing, personal project in which I can experiment with different ways of creating things—a safe place to embrace the imperfections and chaos while stepping into the confidence to go against existing conventional practices.

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