Parsons School of Design

BFA Communication Design

Thesis 2016

Yeon Soo Park
Vertical and Horizontal Relationships
Yeon Soo Park
Vertical and Horizontal Relationships

Vertical and Horizontal Relationships is a visual comparison of manifestos, exploring social hierarchies within two cultures in particular. Today, cultural boundaries are blurred due to the development of transportation and technology; more people travel, but they are also able to experience other cultures without traveling. Hence, comparing culture values have become unavoidable. Differences between Korean and American culture provide insight into how people can perceive and react to certain situations that eventually shape these experiences. While relationships among people in the States are quite parallel, those in Korea embody a vertical, hierarchical structure. Several topics and situations are annotated through photography and text. The structure is strictly kept as a comparison between the two pages. The documentation begins with a coverage of a historical insight as to why these differences may occur, continuing on to illustrate areas such as etiquette, family relationships, dining culture, and social hierarchies, each demonstrating how hierarchies exist in two cultures. For example, the most obvious comparison would be how Koreans would bow to elders while Americans would shake hands or 
hug just like they do 
with friends. The purpose behind the project is primarily 
to inform and share different perspectives and secondarily, to raise questions for others. For those who are unfamiliar with either or, these comparable contents will give food for thought that will hopefully lead to interest in the comparison of 
more cultures.






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