Parsons School of Design

BFA Communication Design

Thesis 2016

Rick Rodriguez
Rick Rodriguez

Within interaction circles, UI design patterns are universally one of the most researched and reused design elements available, and with good reason. Designers need their products to be intuitive, which actually means that their product can sit well with the hundreds of other interfaces users encounter elsewhere. These are the useful constraints interaction designers work under, but currently there are no resources that properly showcase a “best practices” collection of UI animation. There are a few resources dedicated to screen recordings of UI animation, but they are held back by the branding of whichever applications house them. Instead of choosing a best practice for the animation, it becomes easier to choose a best practice by the company. The goal of this project is to take the best practices for UI animation and attempt to present them in a separate environment that allows designers to gauge the success or failure of the animation without application bias. However, the goal of these animation pieces must not be to create sterile systematic animations, but consumable videos that communicate the delight and information that animations are best able to convey.

Ana Julia Rodriguez
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