Parsons School of Design

BFA Communication Design

Thesis 2016

Ana Julia Rodriguez
Eat(s) Convenient
Ana Julia Rodriguez
Eat(s) Convenient

Eat(s) Convenient is a meal plan delivery service specially dedicated to make healthy foods easy and convenient to acquire, by offering different diet choices such as paleo, vegetarian, vegan and protein. Eat(s) Convenient educates the consumer about healthy meals offering a variety of recipes for all breakfast, lunch and dinner, and giving the consumer the freedom to choose and change the different ingredients and meals to their preferred taste and budget. All ingredients will be deliver in the 
exact portions needed 
for each meal, to help reduce food waste. Eat(s) Convenient counts with a unique package design that contains the ingredients needed for the specific meals, all stacked together to easily storage them. It also counts with a mobile app to facilitate the order and delivery process to the consumer, making it able to personalize meal plans by adding the number of days, adding and removing ingredients, changing meals, and creating meal plans that fit each personal budget.

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