Parsons School of Design

BFA Communication Design

Thesis 2016

Sarah Rose Reichert
The Synapse
Sarah Rose Reichert
The Synapse

We have become attuned to the world through technology which has created a disconnect between mind, body, and environment. Bioprinting is the manmade creation of artificial organs through 3D printing and is the future of medicine. Bioprinting is the same idea of building tissue as the way you assemble legos; cells have to fit in the right places which allows for essentially the redesigning of the human species. In only a matter of time, we will be performing heart transplants by printing a heart in the operating room and placing it directly into a human’s body. There is this connection between mind, body, and environment that is strongly affected through this technological breakthrough. We rely on and are surrounded by technology everyday. Through this we create a separation between our real environment and us. We become attuned to the world through technology, rather than living in the now and being aware of our true surroundings. The mission is to emphasize society’s dependence, influence, and control over technology and questions the gradual loss of being “human.” All of our material illustrates the connection or disconnect between the mind, body and environment. This project was developed as a stream of consciousness, mirroring the way in which we explore our connections between the self and the outside world.

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