Parsons School of Design

BFA Communication Design

Thesis 2016

Marius Franc
Marius Franc

Two years ago I set out to produce a non-profit art magazine. Its goal was to give exposure to young and unrepresented artists that were hungry to share their work with the world. I was lucky enough to get funding through the school’s student senate and so the magazine’s prototype went into production. Physically the magazine stands out, it’s a poster size unbound publication that can be taken apart to enjoy every single spread individually or can be read as a coherent whole. The concept is to select the best young artists across all kinds of media and publish their work quarterly at the beginning of every season. As a result the magazine is designed so that every individual sheet is about one of the artists. Each individual leaflet has in its center spread a poster the width of the magazine of one of the work of the artist with an interview on its back. The readers are invited to hang or frame the poster as a piece of art if he wishes, that way the magazine is to an extent a nomadic art gallery that becomes a collective exhibition of young talents wherever 
it is received.

For my thesis project, having already done a lot of work on the magazine itself, I set out to create an introductory video to present the project. In it I interview one of the artists about her work and I give an exclusive view of the inside of the printing factory that produced the magazine. I also give some insights on what we hope to achieve with the publication and what are the main goals moving forward. Overall the video gives an overview of the project and introduces the concept to any potential contributors, investors, or readers.






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