Parsons School of Design

BFA Communication Design

Thesis 2016

Alyssa Gruber
Alyssa Gruber

“Hillary is shrill.” “She should smile more.”
“Lady players” ride the coattails of their male counterparts. “Alleged victims” are asking to be raped. These statements are just a few examples of what gender bias in the news looks like. Irresponsible and tactless writing leads to the negative portrayal of women across all topics of the news. The consequence of this bias extends far beyond the black and white text of an article. Many of the harmful representations of women, created in the news, seep into the minds of the readers and turns into an unconscious bias. gender bias is a learned practice; it is important to identify and correct the sources from which we absorb it.

ImpartialBias is a website created to promote thought and discussion on the issue of gender bias in the media. By calling out the bias statements found within articles, the website is brining attention to the subtle ways the media is unfairly representing women. The user is prompted to engage in a discussion about the bias statements and the overall article. This discussion on bias, involving people with many different backgrounds and opinions, will lead to the creation of a more mindful and responsible way to write about women and stop the cycle of unconscious gender bias.

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