Parsons School of Design

BFA Communication Design

Thesis 2016

Arianna De Gasperis
Arianna De Gasperis

The U.S. media plays a vital role in the representation of women in positions of power, and in particular politics. Femi-tics is a news website focused on Women’s role in American politics. Femi-tics seeks to aid and educate young women by bridging 
the gap for those who 
are looking to be 
informed citizens, but want to be informed quickly and efficiently.
politics plays such an integral role in the lives of the American population, yet it is often a complex topic with a seemingly infinite amount of opinions. Due to this, these media sources can be quite daunting to the young person looking to educate themselves. However, as difficult as it may be, we are in a very important time for politics in America. If politics in general is difficult to get a story across, how can politics and gender be a topic that is of interest to young women who are looking to be informed citizens?

Femi-tics filters and curates articles from various news sources with a focus on women in politics and the electoral process. As a news source, Femi-tics tracks and analyzes gender dynamics in politics and media, drawing upon a wide range of news websites, blogs and organizations. In order to further public understanding on gender representation in American politics, young women must start by being informed on the topic’s current state. From this understanding, women can continue to carry the dialogue amongst other women, men, families, friends, classrooms and lecture halls to continue the 
gender’s rising prominence in the political environment.

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