Parsons School of Design

BFA Communication Design

Thesis 2016

Ana Cecilia Thompson Motta
Night Court
Ana Cecilia Thompson Motta
Night Court

Because I grew up in a welcoming pick-up-game culture in Brazil, I found New York’s more exclusive courts intimidating. 
I was expecting a Space-
Jam-looking, Run-DMC-sounding court and instead found no time, no people, and no way to organize games. In wanting to find a way for busy New Yorkers to come out and play an impromptu game, I began to explore how, together, nostalgia and streetwear could invite community building. I spent time at public courts, looking at the ways people interacted with the space, to understand what kept pick-up games from flourishing, as well as how boutique fitness companies gained their following. I created Night Court to better organize how people come together to play soccer or basketball after work. Organizing these games would also create and maintain safe spaces in these neighborhoods. The first element is the app, which allows users to reserve a spot in a game at any court within the five boroughs. To excite players and sports enthusiasts, I used guerrilla marketing associated with popular streetwear brands. This led to a series of wheatpaste posters, collectible patches, and video projections throughout the city. In order to brand the players and the space, I implemented glow-in-
the-dark court markings for brand visibility, as 
well as team jerseys that reference emblems of New York City’s urban culture. By creating a fun and nostalgic identity that uses a variety of design tools, I hope to renew excitement and community within New York City’s sports lovers.

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