Parsons School of Design

BFA Communication Design

Thesis 2016

Haowei Lin
Party of One
Haowei Lin
Party of One

Struggling and learning 
to deal with feeling self-
sufficient and confident in spending time alone has always been a lifelong problem of mine. Party of One, an anonymous but collective book series, serves to occupy one of the most routine tasks, solitary dining or eating in public. Self consciousness and embarrassment is constantly felt when individuals dine alone. Though the topic of eating out alone can be depressing and anti-social, collective efforts from solo diners that form a connection between one another would create a sense of community. My approach includes three types of books (novel, poetry, and, picture) to encourage people to reflect on common questions asked related to something people pour their feelings and mind into. I want to get people to start a conversation with themselves. Inspired by daily life, prompts are related to complaints, something we do everyday, and expressing gratitude. Mindless activities like coloring and doodling is displayed in the picture book of this series. On top of all of this, custom designed emojis are incorporated to further express the user’s feelings towards an entry other than their own. This project will be a tangible and memorable solitary dining experience.

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