Parsons School of Design

BFA Communication Design

Thesis 2016

Joe Louis Evans
Safe in Sound
Joe Louis Evans
Safe in Sound

Safe in Sound is a platform that allows people to share their experiences of music venues and connect with each other while attending an event. The app provides the necessary space and tools via a rating system and live feed.

The rating system is designed to invite conversation around specific factors that may influence a user’s experience while attending a venue. Sliders allow the user to rate each factor in terms of safety and comfort, while encouraging further description through writing. The ratings hope to provide users with greater information on the venues they attend, validating their own and others’ experiences.

When attending a venue, the live chat offers the opportunity for users to connect and engage with their safety together, promoting a culture of support that challenges the current state of safety in music venues.

With both features, Safe in Sound provides the framework for a community to grow and better their experiences around music and the spaces it lives in.

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