Parsons School of Design

BFA Communication Design

Thesis 2016

Kurt Stives
Inadequate Text
Kurt Stives
Inadequate Text

Forms of digital communication today are solely associated with an image of a sleek rectangular object. When we think of the last text message we sent, our minds automatically envision a plain white screen with brightly colored text bubbles, encasing a unique string of words. But have you ever thought about where you were the last time you sent a text? This project explores the re-contextualization of digital conversations from the phone screens they typically live in onto the environments in which the conversation may have occurred or onto objects which may have evoked the conversation. The book I am creating is a collection of landscape environments and city textures. Located inside the book are a packet of text bubbles with pre-written messages written on them. It is the users job to create new text message conversations over each photograph. My hope for this project is to make the user find a connection between digital world that we live in and the concrete world we actually live in.

Maurann Stein
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Minji Sung
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