Parsons School of Design

BFA Communication Design

Thesis 2016

Joshua Estrella
Joshua Estrella

There’s no process more daunting than moving. With less than one percent of housing available in many major metropolitan cities like New York and San Francisco, the demand for housing continues to rise and the supply of available units very clearly continues to shrink. This creates an incredibly competitive landscape for prospective renters, and leads to an unbelievably inflated rental market, making it just about impossible for anyone of the middle class to fulfill their aspirations of living alone.

Understandably, millennials and urban dwellers alike have turned to shared housing as a solution—only the search might not be as easy as one would think. Renters have to consider not only the apartment, location, and price of the accommodation, but also carefully consider the current tenants.

Pair is a digital product that aims to streamline this rental search process, making it easier to find lasting shared living accommodations. By matching users based on personal preferences, neighborhoods, personality traits and qualities, Pair makes it easy to find cool roommates and cool apartments.

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