Parsons School of Design

BFA Communication Design

Thesis 2016

Stella Giavos
Air Epicure
Stella Giavos
Air Epicure

Today, flying is the leading form of travel worldwide. It gets people where they need to be in a shorter period of time than any other mode of transportation. Although flying, with its premier status, is the number one method of travel for many individuals, the in-flight dining experience isn’t held to the same lavish standard and seems to fall short all too often.

Regardless of your seating, be it first class, business, or economy, your meal should be just as exciting as the new and faraway destination to which you are headed. With our ever growing technological ability, there is no reason why the quality of in-flight meals shouldn’t be elevated. Many people today struggle with food allergies, dietary restrictions, and moral beliefs that dictate the food that they eat. Offering passengers a greater variety and quality of food options will certainly confer an experience of premium transcontinental gastronomy.

How can the current in-flight dining experience be improved in a way that balances the strict space restrictions of an aircraft, while providing unique packaging and menus that make a passenger’s journey special? Air Epicure is a new in-flight dining program designed specifically for economy class, with hopes of elevating the travel experience. By providing seasonal menus with options for every diet, along with quality package design, Air Epicure will usher in a new era of in-flight dining.





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