Parsons School of Design

BFA Communication Design

Thesis 2016

Lisa Kim
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Lisa Kim
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Five stars, thumbs up, “like.” Different types of social media information, such as reviews, have shaped our decisions and perceptions. With the rise of online sales and marketing through social media, consumers have become more dependent on product reviews from other consumers before making purchases. The impact of these reviews and opinions from those other than our own have influenced our perceptions on these consumer goods.

Through a series of advertisements featuring daily consumer goods that I have developed, I want to emphasize the impact and influence reviews have on our purchasing decisions. As consumers we are subjected to pretty packaging and clean designs, but what if the hierarchy of design and information were transformed? This project is a satirical look into the future of advertising that highlights the influence of social media on the products we buy. Instead of conventional packaging, social media information and reviews are emphasized more than design. These series of product advertisements project the influence of these reviews in our purchasing decisions.





Sharon (Eun Rae) Kim
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Sharon Kim
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