Parsons School of Design

BFA Communication Design

Thesis 2016

Pamela Pombo
Pamela Pombo

This thesis is an app that substitutes a health and fitness coach, designing a personal routine and nutritional plan for each user based on their characteristics and goals. The app is mainly addressed to young women with medium to low incomes and busy schedules who are willing to plan their days in order to live a healthy lifestyle, getting the most of their limited time to cook healthy and exercise adequately. The purpose of this app is not only to direct users through the right path but also to educate them and give them the tools to easily take care of their health without the help and cost of a specialist. What makes this app special is that it makes the choices for the user always considering his goals, instead of letting the user introduce his meals and exercises that is not helpful if the user is not health educated. The app assesses users needs and fitness level by asking them a simple set of questions at the moment they register. Then it creates a daily diet and workout showed as a main screen that feels like an agenda. Here the users can quickly access the recipes and workouts step by step as well as to track their daily activity. Other features included are an calendar where the user can have a more generalized view of his agenda and what he has achieved. There is also progress board where users record their evolution with weekly photos and measurements, as well as a shopping list feature that includes all of the ingredients that will be needed for the current week based on the planned meals.






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