Parsons School of Design

BFA Communication Design

Thesis 2016

Brittany Cutrone
Young Roots
Brittany Cutrone
Young Roots

The American food market is flooded with over-processed and manufactured synthetic “food.” The top four deadliest diseases are attributed to the Western diet. Through deceptive food marketing and the American food culture, children are becoming more prone to obesity and an unhealthy life. In the past thirty years, the rate of childhood obesity has quadrupled. 18% of kids aged six through eleven are suffering from childhood obesity; a preventable disease that affects over three million children in the United States. The dramatic shift over thirty years directly correlates to the lack 
of cooking in the home and the rise of mass-
produced food that is clogged with no nutrients and potentially harmful additives and preservatives. A lack of childhood education about health and wellness has only added to the problem. Young Roots is a non-profit organization influencing children grades one through two to lead a healthy lifestyle through the help of their teachers, parents, and design. By exposing children to healthy choices at a young age, they will develop into adulthood with a focus on wellness.

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