Parsons School of Design
BFA Communication Design
Thesis 2019

Parsons School of Design
BFA Communication Design
Thesis 2019

Wmxn Creative
Iyana Martin Diaz

Wmxn Creative, a large-scale zine, was created in response to the problem of unequal representation for womxn of color within visual art and design, as well as the world of feminism. People of color do not see themselves wholly represented in media the same way most others do. Within that, womxn of color, including trans, queer and non-binary people of color, see themselves drastically less. This work aims to give access by congregating many different creatives of color — writers, poets, performers, painters, visual artists, etc. — evealing all the different ways in which they use art and design within the context of their own culture and relationship with womxnhood; begging the question to readers, “Is your feminism truly inclusive?”

This work does not intend to completely solve a systemic problem, but rather to create a platform that provides support and empowerment for those affected by the harmful inequity in art, design, and feminism. Wmxn Creative gives awareness to the fact that striving for equal representation is important for every person, of color or otherwise. Womxn of color should not be expected to modify their works’ bearings to fit within the "norms" of design and this work aims to not only reflect this, but to tangibly reinforce it through supporting and uplifting artists’ work in editorial print. Wmxn Creative is dedicated to all those woman-identified, who have felt the historical exclusion from second-wave feminism, those who don’t fit neatly into a single categorized box.

Yasmeen AlAyoub

Maria Badasian

Jenny Barroll

Bhavika Bhatia

Leehe Bok

Lauren April Brady

Elisa Bustos

Gabrielle Cantamessa

Jo Castanon

Ana Sofia Murillo Cernicchiaro

Sherleen Chen

Tiange Chen

Dahee Choi

Carol Chong

Olivia Chow

Matthew Chu

Lily Clempson

Analuisa Corrigan

Gaurika Dalal

Iyana Martin Diaz

Sylvia Epstein

Maria Farah

Vitoria Schweitzer Fiore

Jamie Fong

Bentzion Goldman

Sarah Hennessy

Irene Hernandez-Gaona

Sara Hilany

Allen Hu

Gufeng Huang

Julia Isman

Erika Jaquez

Moonnyung Jo

Adam Johansen

Souraya Jureidini

Cynthia Kamata-Banks

Zarrin Karimi

Ta Suranart Kasitipradit

Anastasia Khadivi

Peggy S. Khammanotham

Jiwon Kim

Minhae Kim

Sarah Kim

Soyeon (Chloe) Kim

Soyeon Kim

Esther Klingbiel

Rose Kramer

Clare Lagomarsino

Julia Lassen

Chloe Lee

Jahyun Lee

Nicole Lee

Ye Eun Alison Lee

Leqi Liang

Chia Ying Lin

Chih-Yi Lin

Eric Lish

Clarissa Losciale

Eileen Lu

Cobey Lusinger

Maria Magnani

Miguel Marcos

Gaebrielle McIntosh

Sarah McNutt

Mitali Mehta

Vincent Merle

Mitali Nopany

Eugene Ong Bang Jun

Diana Pak

Seongjin Park

Holly Parkin

Annika Phillips

Olimpia Pignatti-Morano

Marie Poncin

Jin Qian

Jack Rieger

Kenisha Bijoux Rullan

Joshua Ryan

Bushra Sarker

Amy Schultz

Nico Siy

Leah Slava

Demi Isabela Straulino

Anisha Subberwal

Erica Tagliarino

Cristina Cepeda Thielmann

Elisa Tordjmann

Kyle Tranquilli

Yasemin Varlik

Varun Vig

Diana Vivar

Abby Wang

Yifei Wang

Yuqi Wang

Coco Wohrle

Angela Yang

Stella Yen

Tiffany Ying

Ingrid Yiu

Kyle Yu

Celestine Yuan

Seoyoung Yun

Maria Zabolotnaya

Amanda Zaldivar

Yinglin Zeng

Junhao Zhang

Limber Lingya Zhang

Haitong Zheng

Karolina Zuchowski