Parsons School of Design
BFA Communication Design
Thesis 2021

Queering Computation
Elliot Bohlen

Queer theory is rooted in failure and non-normativity, which are two concepts this project embraces. This analysis is centered in the rejection of compulsory norms such as capitalism and heteronormativity. By being identified as a failure in a system, one’s existence becomes an act of resistance against these “protocols,” becoming glitches, bugs, and errors. There is a strong link tying queer theory to non-normative computation, which I will now refer to as “queer computation,” as both are opposing the system. Normative uses of code, determined by strict protocols, demand websites to become seamless tools that discourage critical and emotional engagement. This homogeneity leaves little room for deviation. Queer computation creates opportunities for deviation, and is a place where I feel confident resisting. By exploiting and breaking the web’s protocols when creating digital work, I feel that I am embodied as a queer individual who is constantly “othered.”

Deviating from these norms allows for valuable opportunities for play, resistance, and engagement. I created a collection of single serving sites that utilize queer computational techniques and notions of embodiment. The web is regarded as a neutral space but, in these sites, I imbued the medium with emotion, physicality, and identity. I paired this with a book titled 404: Page Not Found which contextualizes the ambiguities presented in each site, as it is a place where I display and annotate my source code. I hope to propose an alternative to normative computation in favor of one that is more human and engaging.


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